Why the Farmall Tractor?

The marketing symbol of Gaskins & Gaskins, P.A. is a red Farmall 100 tractor. It was first used in a television commercial in 2000 and drew such favorable comment that it is now seen in most of the law firm’s marketing.

The tractor is actually a symbol of the work ethic at Gaskins & Gaskins, P.A. Everyone knows that farm work requires long hours of exhausting work. This Farmall actually belonged to Herman Gaskins family and he spent many days as a youth walking behind this tractor priming tobacco. It is a fitting symbol because, like a farm tractor our firm’s lawyers work long hours and are always prepared in court.

The Farmall 100 series was produced by International Harvester in 1955-57. This particular tractor was sold by McKenzie Equipment Company in Washington in January, 1958. It was painstakingly restored by Stan Hudson of Chocowinity.

The tractor is almost universally recognized in Eastern North Carolina as the symbol of Gaskins & Gaskins, P.A. In fact, it is not unusual for a prospective client to call the firm and ask to speak to the “tractor lawyer.”